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Red Embroidered Cockapoo Dog poo bag dispenser

Red Embroidered Cockapoo Dog poo bag dispenser

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Red Cockapoo dog poo bag Dispenser

An Embroidered Faux Leather Cockapoo Dog Waste Bag Holder is a small pouch designed to hold disposable bags for cleaning up after a dog. The holder is made of faux leather and has an embroidered Cockapoo dog design on the front. It can attach to a dog leash or a belt loop for easy access during walks.

The purpose of the holder is to provide a convenient and stylish way for dog owners to carry and dispense waste bags while out and about with their pets. It is a popular accessory for Cockapoo dog owners or anyone who loves the breed.

The holder is typically compact in size, measuring around 11 x 11 Cm in height and width, and is lightweight for easy portability. It has a zippered closure to keep the waste bags secure and prevent from escaping.

Overall, an Embroidered Faux Leather Cockapoo Dog Waste Bag Holder is a practical and fashionable accessory for dog owners who want to keep their surroundings clean while adding a touch of personal style to their dog-walking routine.

Cockapoo Dog Waste Bag Holder

Full choice of colours available

The bags are all made using faux leather/Vinyl

These are Made to Order, so should you require more than the numbers showing in stock, please message me.
Lots of colour combinations available - if there are any specific colour requirements please message me

Uk posting only

Colours may vary slightly from the picture due to availability , Colours may also vary slightly due to lighting etc.

These come supplied with a small roll of Poo Bags to get you started - so would make a great gift for a new puppy.

We have over 50 designs of Dog Poo Bag holders please check out our other items for sale

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