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Dog Head Collar

Dog Head Collar

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The ‘DOGALTER’ STOPS PULLING and has been specially designed to make exercising on the lead much easier and safer by leading the dog by the head. Provides for complete safety with the added use of the KOMBI or ACTION COLLAR.
The ‘DOGALTER’ is unique in that it can be left safely on the dog and consequently unlike most other head-collars this mystical calming and distracting effect can be effectively used as a BEHAVIOURAL AID for many other canine problems 



(1) The DOGALTER transfers the strength of any dog to the handler by leading the dog by the head (i.e. one would not use a rope or a collar around a determined horses neck to lead it over a field, a halter is used), hence the same with dogs. Therefore the DOGALTER is a major benefit with control and AN AID TO STOP PULLING.

(2) It also changes a dogs’ character hence it can be used effectively to combat many other BEHAVIOURAL PROBLEMS which include CHEWING, FOUL HABITS, DESTRUCTIVE, NOISY, SNIFFERS, NIBBLERS, EXCITABLE, AGGRESSIVE, ANTI SOCIAL dogs. When the dog is wearing the DOGALTER and accepts it, the dog may then be left even unattended and it has the effect of calming, subduing and occupying the dog’s mind which in itself is mystical but very much a desired remedy for most CANINE BEHAVIOURAL PROBLEMS i.e. distracting the dog’s attention from the problem.


FITTING. Select the correct size from the SIZE GUIDE or photographs. 1. Open up the side squeeze buckle and place the DOGALTER over the muzzle. 2. The muzzle can be adjusted by moving the back of the side stabilizers UP to make the muzzle LARGER and DOWN to make it SMALLER. (Ensure the stabilizers are even). 3. Adjust the back strap behind the ears and close the side squeeze buckle. IMPORTANT For maximum length on the back strap ensure the 3 bar slide and the side squeeze buckle have been pulled together.

IMPORTANT. The dog should be introduced to the DOGALTER slowly with it fitted loose. Some dogs at first object but after a few hours of training it should be readily accepted. It should be left on the dog in the owner’s presence for short periods until the dog is accustomed to it. If the dog tries to remove it, the dogs’ attention should be diverted. Modest praise or tit bits can be used to take the dogs attention away from the DOGALTER.

TO STOP PULLING. When the dog is accustomed to wearing the DOGALTER, it can be tightened, but must still be comfortable for the dog. Place your fingers under the jaw of the dog and also behind the back strap – there should be a slight gap. This will ensure the DOGALTER is not too tight and will help the dog to accept it.

FOR SAFETY. When teaching heel-work and/or to stop pulling the lead trigger hook should be attached to the control ring and preferably to a KOMBI COLLAR or an ACTION COLLAR (see photo’s). The dog is then safely secured and cannot pull his head out of the DOGALTER by backing away. There is less strength and resistance from the dog, the jingle of the kombi chain acts as an attentive command. This also assists in controlling and turning the dogs’ head where necessary.


The DOGALTER is unique in that it can be used effectively to combat CHEWING – FOUL HABITS – DESTRUCTIVE – NOISY -SNIFFERS – EXCITABLE – AGGRESSIVE OR ANTI SOCIAL dogs. When the dog is accustomed to wearing the DOGALTER the dog may be left unattended with the DOGALTER fitted and the effect of calming, subduing and occupying the dog’s mind is a desired remedy for most of these canine behavioural problems.


CARE SHOULD BE TAKEN:- The dog should wear the DOGALTER in the presence of the owner without trying to scratch it off before it is ever left unattended. Ensure the correct size DOGALTER has been selected and it has been correctly adjusted. It should allow the dog should to open its mouth fairly freely but not come to close to the eyes. When fitted correctly passing a stitch through the fabric on the side stabilizers will ensure it stays at that size. When teaching the dog to walk correctly, do not keep the lead tight.

SIZE GUIDE (measure around the muzzle just below the eyes)

MEDIUM DA030M =10.5″ (27cm ) to 12.5″ (32cm) large Collie, GSD, Labrador
LARGE DA030L = 12.5″ (32cm) to 16″ (40cm) large GSD/Lab/Ret or Rottweiler
EXTRA LARGE DA030XL 16″ (40cm) to 20″ (50cm) St. Bernard, Leonberger

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