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Dental Chew Toy For Your Pet Pal

Dental Chew Toy For Your Pet Pal

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Dental Chew Toy For Your Pet Pal


Durable Rubber With Elasticity And Longevity In Mind



Fill With Treats When It's Time To Chew


Helps Strengthen & Clean Your Pets Teeth


Benefits for the teeth: Soft and unique surface relief, can effectively help to clean your teeth and keep your gums healthy.


The spaces between the nubs are perfect for treats - for special stimulation and fun activities.


Improve Intelligence: Your dogs' IQ can be trained and improved while they bite this toy ball.


More Entertainment: which can be stuffed with pet snack. Your pets will accept this toy easily and get more surprise while playing. Best Dog Toys for Boredom.


Best Gift for Pets: The toy ball is a perfect gift for your pet to fetch and play interact games with you. This dog chew toy can reduce the dog's destructive behaviour,

protect the home shoes, socks, sheets, sofa are not afraid of dog bite.

Ball colour will be random 


Material: Non-toxic silicone rubber.

 Sizes of the Balls (Diameter):

 Small- 5cm

 Medium- 6cm

 Large- 7cm

Purchase with peace of mind knowing that the chew toy is truly indestructible, which makes it a fun and rewarding challenge for dogs that love to chew when it’s dinner time. Simply fill the chew toy with dog edible treats and behold the delight of your dog when the treats come pouring into its mouth chunks at a time without fear of breaking your chew

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