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Black, Brown Harris tweed dog bandana

Black, Brown Harris tweed dog bandana

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Black and Brown Herringbone Harris Tweed Dog Bandana size Large

This gorgeous handmade Harris Tweed slip on the collar dog bandana. Also known as a dog scarf 

Made from black, brown, Harris tweed wool herringbone  design fabric and  plain cotton fabric  on reverse.

The dog bandana comes with official Harris tweed label attached to the front of this black, brown Harris tweed dog bandana

Harris Tweed Dog Bandana Sizes:

Width X Length. 

Small.      7" Wide. X  5" Length 
Medium. 8" Wide  X 7"Length 
Large.     10"Wide X  8" Length
Black, Brown Harris tweed dog bandana 

Please note due to the item being hand made measurements and stitching may vary slightly. Colours may vary slight depending on screen settings.

Harris tweed

Harris Tweed is made and manufactured on a small island at the top of Scotland called the Isle of Harris. The island itself is situated in a chain of islands called the Outer Hebrides.

It is here at the actual Harris Tweed head office where the wool is sorted, dyed, combed and spun.

What makes Harris Tweed so very special is that any cloth that is officially Harris Tweed is woven in a weaver’s shed on the island.

So every key chain, suit, hat, scarf, or bag that you see with the iconic orb logo was woven by hand in someone’s home. Impressive!
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